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India Post set to open first ATM in Bangalore

BANGALORE, INDIA: When you hear 'ATM', what is the first thing that you relate to it? I am sure, many of us, including me, relate it to savings bank ATM card.
How about an ATM card similar to a debit card/ATM card issued by a bank for postal account? Sounds different right? Yes, the Department of Posts, in an effort to provide enhanced solutions to its customers is all set to launch the first Automated teller Machine (ATM) in Bangalore GPO premises shortly, through a core banking solution. Last year, the department of post had announced that it has plans to set up 1,000 ATM centres at different post offices across the country, with an aim provide better customer service through IT enablement of business processes and support functions. Implementing new banking solution enables postal department to offer all kinds of services that are offered by private banks to more than 200 million post office saving bank (POSB) account holders in 1.55 lakh post offices. When CIOL enquir…
The sixth CPC in para 1.2.13 of its report under the caption “Cadre Review” made the following observations – “Accordingly, as a matter of policy, the commission refrained from undertaking specific cadre reviews, that in any case need to be carried out within an institutional frame work”. Govt. of India has accepted the above recommendations of the Sixth CPC. Subsequently the Govt. has issued detailed instructions to all Ministers and Departments to undertake the process of Cadre Restructuring within their institutional frame work.
Accordingly, Cadre restructuring committees are constituted in most of the departments with the representatives of the staff-side. In Railways, the process is completed and waiting for approval of the Ministry, in Income Tax the proposal is awaiting Cabinet approval, in Central Secretariat orders in respect of certain cadres already issued. In many other small departments also the process is nearing compl…

Detention of postal parcel by customs--- a knowhow

1. Post Parcel has been detained by Customs since the value of the contents exceeds permissible limit of Rs.2000/-. The dutiable articles, intended for personal use, imported by post or air, are restricted subject to value limit of Rs.2000/-(CIF), as per the conditions laid down under the CTH 9804 under the clause 3(1)(i) of Foreign Trade (Exemption from application of Rules in certain cases) order, 1993. In view of the above restriction the goods having value more than Rs.2000/-(CIF) become restricted for import and the same are liable for confiscation under Section 111 (d) of the Customs Act, 1962 and the
Importer is liable for penalty under Section 112(a)(i) of the Customs Act, 1962.

2. Bonafide gifts upto a value limit of Rs.10000/- imported by Post are allowed free of duty under Notfn No.171/93 – Cus. Dated 16.09.1993 (as amended). Items imported as gift are restricted for importation under Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation ) Act, 1992. The gift articles exceeding limit …

India Post was fined 10000/- for delaying speed post letter

New Delhi: A Speed Post letter that crawled to its destination and cost an unemployed man the chance of a job has earned the postal department the wrath of India’s top consumer court, which pulled it up for deficiency in service and ordered payment of compensation.
The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission dismissed the pleas of head post master in Rajasthan’s Alwar town and post master of Jaipur’s Sitapura Industrial Area seeking a reduction in the Rs20,000 penalty imposed on them and said: “We feel that Rs 20,000 can in no way compensate the respondent for the lost opportunity.”
Commission’s Presiding Member V.B. Gupta and Member Rekha Gupta directed the postal department to pay complainant and Alwar resident Neeraj Gupta Rs10,000 as compensation for not delivering his job application in the same city within the prescribed time of 24 hours in 2010.
In its recent order, the apex consumer commission also directed the department to deposit Rs10,000 in the Consumer Legal Aid Acco…
Union government wants retirement age 62
The Union Government is seriously considering raising the retirement age to 62 for Central Government employees. Obviously, if the Congress announces this before the Lok Sabha polls, it could expect a sizeable vote share. North Block, which houses the Union Ministry of Finance would be more than happy to have 62 years as the retirement age because for next two years the pension funds can accumulate. The UPA2 also wants to put the next government in fiscal tight spot, or what is called the War Room effect of the AICC.
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on Wednesday said it has bagged a six-year contract from the Department of Posts (DoP) worth over Rs 1,100 crore.
The end-to-end IT modernisation programme to be implemented by TCS will equip India Post with modern technologies and systems to enable it to provide services to customers in an effective manner, TCS said in a statement.
The scope of the project, dubbed India Post 2012, includes developing and supporting mail, finance and accounts, HR, and customer interaction management solutions for all channels including Rural ICT platform.
Under the deal, TCS will also manage data migration, infrastructure, Service Level Agreement (SLA), call centre and centralised 24x7 service desk operation for DoP, it said.
The end-to-end security solutions, Enterprise Management System (EMS) and over all integration for entire system is the responsibility of core system integrator ( CSI), the statement said.

"India Post has a vision of being a technology-enabled …


Dear Postmasters,

This is regarding an OA filed in honorobale CAT,Chandigarh by IP/ASP associations (Details of OA published on 28/05/2013 in our blog) where in IP/ASP association has prayed the honorable court for quashing Postmasters Grade1(non-gazetted group-c) Recruitment Rules 2010.

Please read the blog artilce carefully and submitt your comments for enabling the A.P.Circle Postmasters Association to form an idea /to take up the issue  at the next Circle conference/at appropriate level

Avail LTC in current block ending 2013

Everyone knows that all central government employees can avail LTC through their respective department and can use this opportunity for travelling to any part India. This concession can be availed in block years. A block year consists of four calendar years. As far this block year is concerned, this year 2013 is the last year in this particular block year – i.e. 2010-2013.
Employees can use this opportunity this year itself without waiting for an extension in the next year. In the last couple of years the block years were extended for another one year for the benefit of many of our employees who are not utilizing it properly. In JCM Meetings, Trade unions and Federations are demanding more facilities in LTC like Air Travel from anywhere in India. Now employees can travel to Jammu & Kashmir and North Eastern States by air. The government has informed that only about 20% of the employees are utilizing this concession. Going for vacation to different …

IP/ASP association approaches CAT chandigarh for quashing (Postmaster Grade 1 Group-C Non gazetted Recuitment Rules 2010)

OA No. 1328/HR/2011 filed jointly by Punjab and Haryana Circle at Hon'ble CAT Bench at Chandigarh for the following reliefs.

1. Quash the letter dated 3.10.2011 by which Limited Departmental Examination for Promotion to the cadre of Sr. Postmaster(Gazetted) has been ordered to be held on 31.12.2011 which is against the Department of Posts, Postal Supdts/Postmaster Group B Recruitment Rules, 1987 as amended from time to time as there is no vacant post in the quota prescribed under the rules as detailed in the preceding paras.

2. Quash the letter dated 29.11.2011 by which the applicants have been informed that ASPs are not eligible for appearing in the examination.

3. Quash the Department of Posts, Senior Postmaster (Group B Gazetted), Postmaster (Grade ‘III and II-Group B non-Gazetted) and Postmaster (Grade I-Group C Non-Gazetted) Recruitment Rules, 2010, i.e Postmasters Cadre Rules, 2010 run contrary to the Postal Services Postmaster Group B Rules, 1987 as amended from time to time…

Vizag Regional conference successful

Minutes of the Visakhapatnam Regional meeting  conducted at kothavalasa . 1.The meeting  was conducted and organized by vizianagaram division committee.All participants discussed issues relating to PostmasterGradeI&II. 2.All members expressed their displeasure over department  attitude towads Grade III promotions and raised the voice against  in justice done to gradeII officials . 3.No of GradeI&II posts have not been  identified propertly as  per establishment. 4.Problems like  shortage of staff and  non functioning of gensets showing impact on  the quality of out put work  in LSG offices. 5.If unions are not bothered about the issues relating to postmastersGradeI&II , all members are decided to take next step towards postmasters issues. 6.All are opionied that if the cadre was not strenghten by the department ,  the new aspirants  will not  opt  the cadre as carrier progression option in future. 7.Poor financial powers and inadequate disciplinary powers showing  impact …

Dearness Allowance as Dearness Pay

ANSWERED ON-07.05.2013
Dearness Allowance as Dearness Pay
(a) whether the earlier Pay Commissions for Central Government Employees had recommended that a certain percentage of Dearness Allowance to be treated as Dearness Pay;
(b) if so, the details thereof; and
(c) by when the salaried class as well as pensioners are likely to be benefited so as to overcome the hardship being faced by them to maintain their day-to-day household expenses?
Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance (E & FS) (Shri Namo Narain Meena)
(a)&(b) The 5th Pay Commission had recommended that Dearness Allowance should be converted into Dearness Pay each time the Consumer Price Index increases by 50% over the base index used by the last pay Commission. Accordingly the Government issued orders on 27.02.2004 for merging of 50% of the DA with the basic pay w.e.f.01.04.2004.
(c) The 6th Central …

Whether service book of an employee can be supplied under RTI

This question if gets an answer as ‘yes’ may sound a bit weird and unwarranted in employee’s point of view as nobody would like supply of personal records to public.
Of Course there is sense in employee’s case in this issue as Service book of an Government Employee contains very important information about his/her service including disciplinary proceedings taken against him/her.
More seriously, Service Book of a Government Employee would also contain certain personal information such as nominees, present health status, whether undergone any family planning procedures etc., which could be misused against an employee by unscrupulous elements under the cover of RTI.
However, Central Information Commission has decided in a case recently which came for appeal that PIO to supply a copy of the service record of employee under RTI after invoking Sec.10(1) of the RTI Act to sever all those portions that are exempt from disclosure u/s 8(1)(j) of the Act as personal information.
An Extract of order …
Seventh pay commission likely this year
No merger of D.A. but seventh pay commission likely this year.According to our sources in New Delhi, there is no chance of any merger of Dearness Allowance with basic pay as demanded by the associations. But the Government is considering the formation of seventh pay commission.The seventh CPC is scheduled to be effective from 1.1.2016 and if it is formed this year, there will be ample time to finalize it’s recommendations. Moreover, if it is not effective from an earlier date, the Govt. will be free from any burden of paying arrears, which may adversely effect the fiscal situation. Most significantly, in the eve of general election, the Govt. may spread a “feel good” situation among the employees without having to pay an extra penny from the exchequer. In the other hand merging D.A. with basic pay will lead to a considerable expense and as there is definite negative recommendation of sixth CPC in this respect, Govt. can easily deny this demand. A…
In written reply of question "whether Government proposes to modify the existing recommendation of the Sixth Pay Commission that Central Government employees will get an increment in the month of July in every calendar year to ensure that those Government employees who are retiring irrespective of the month of the calendar year and have at least put in more than six months of service get the last increment", Govt has submitted that there is no proposal under consideration of the Government to make any changes in increment date.
See full details of Rajya Sabha Q&A:-

ANSWERED ON-07.05.2013
Increment provision for retiring employees

(a) whether Government proposes to modify the existing recommendation of the Sixth Pay Commission that Central Government employees will get an increment in the month of …



Circle Office, Hyderabad, vide memo no ST/4-1(P)/2013 dated 20.05.2013, has ordered the following promotions in  the cadre of HSG-I (Postal)in the pay band-2 of  Rs.9300-34,800 with Grade Pay Rs.4,600/- to the following HSG-II(Postal) officials  and allotted to the regions noted against their names with immediate effect until further orders.
The following promotions are subject to the outcome of  Hon’ble CAT, Hyderabad Bench interim orders dated 1/5/2013 of OA NO.582/2013 filed by K.Dayanand & 11 others.  PART-A(Allotments) SL NO            Name & Designation(Sri./Ms) Cat Region in which working Region to which allotted 1 G.Nageswara Rao ,Postmaster , Amadalavalasa HO ST VM Visakapatnam 2 B L Sandhya Rani   A/cs,PM,Hanamkonda Dn SC HR Hyderabad 3 S.Sreeramulu,,DPM, Vijayawada HO ST Vijayawada