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Third MACP to PA(SBCO) in AP circle

The following Postal Assistants(SBCO), who have completed 30 years of qualifying service for the period from 01.10.2012 to 31.03.2013 and who are drawing grade pay of Rs.4200/- are granted IIIrd financial upgradation under MACP Scheme to the grade pay of Rs.4600/- in the same pay band in which they are drawing in the existing scale of pay, from the dates mentioned against each vide C.O Hyd memo no ST/SBCO/MACP-III/2013 dated 30.07.2013.
SL no Name and designation of the official S/Sri/Smt Date of granting of MACP-III Eligible Grade Pay 1 S. Sarath Venkaiah, PA (SBCO), Vijayawada HO 12.10.2012 4600/- 2 T. Rama Raju PA ICO (SB), O/o PMG, VM

Promotions, allotments, re-allotments in the cadre of LSG(RMS) in AP Circle

Circle Office Hyderabad has ordered the following Promotions, Allotments and Re-allotments in the cadre of NB LSG RMS with immediate effect vide C.O memo no ST/6-1/LSG (RMS)/2013 dated 30.07.2013. PART-A( RE-ALLOTMENTS)
Sl No Name of the Sorting Asst Sri/Smt Region in which working Region to which re-allotted 1 M.Balraj, LSG SA, Khammam RMS, RMS Y Division VJA HCR 2