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Postmen to now collect data for calculation of rural Consumer Price Index (CPI) NEW DELHI: The postman in rural areas across the country has his hands full. Apart from his regular job, he now has to go out three to four times a week to collect data from retail outlets which is then used to calculate the rural consumer price inflation.

Faced with an acute manpower shortage, the ministry of statistics and programme implementation tied up with the department of posts to get over the problem of collecting such massive amount of data from rural areas across the country.

"When we were discussing about the comprehensive CPI data we were looking for a department which had reach across the country. We zeroed in on the postal network," said Pronob Sen, adviser in the 
Planning Commission and former chief statistician of the country.

 It was a perfect opportunity for the postal department, which readily accepted the offer. Rising competition and new technology has posed serious challenges f…

What is General Pool Resdiential Accomodation

A BRIEF ON ENTITLEMENT OF CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES FOR GENERAL POOL RESIDENTIAL ACCOMMODATION What is General Pool residential accommodation?             Government residential accommodations under the administrative control of Directorate of Estates in Delhi and at 31 stations outside Delhi constitute the General Pool residential accommodation (GPRA).Allotmentof GPRA is governed as per provisions of the Allotment of Government Residences (General Pool inDelhi) Rules, 1963 and executive instructions issued there under. Who is eligibleto apply?             AllCentral Governmentemployees and the employees working under the Government of NCT of Delhi, who are working in the offices, which have been specifically declared eligible for General Pool, are entitled for allotment of accommodation from General Pool. What are entitlements for various types of accommodation?             The General Pool accommodation has been classified in 11 categories (excludingHostel accommodation). The entitleme…

Admissibility of MACP to departmental Wireman

ADMISSIBILITY OF FINANCIAL UPGRADATIONS UNDER ACP SCHEME OF AUGUST, 1999 TO THE CADRE OF WIREMAN OF POSTAL         BUILDING   MAINTENANCE STAFF OTHER THAN THAT OF      CIVIL/ELECTRICAL WING. D.G. Posts No. 2-13/2009-PCC dated 12 Aug 2011. The issue of financial upgradations admissible to the cadre of Wireman of Postal Building Maintenance Staff {other than those of civil/electrical wing} under ACP Scheme of Aug, 99 has been examined in this Directorate in the light of the clarifications given by the DOPT vide OM No. 35034/1/97-Estt (D) (Vol. IV) dated 10.02.2000 under Items No. 2 & 10 and in particular the availability of isolated posts of Electrician in some Postal Circles of the Department in promotional hierarchy with no other further promotional avenue. 2.         The issue has been considered and I am directed to clarify that the mobility under ACPS was prescribed to be allowed  in the 'existing hierarchy' & selection grade allowed to them, if any, which was not a pa…

Rearranged Mail Network Optimisation Plan

Copy of DG lr on the subject is reproduced hereunder.
Sub: Implementation of Redesigned Network for First Class Mail. D.G. Posts No.30-7/2012-D Dated 01-02-2012 The matter relating to restructuring the existing operational network and processing arrangements for First Class mail (Unregistered and Registered) was under consideration at this Directorate as part of the Mail Network Optimization Project. The issue has been examined in detail, and in this context following instructions are issued. 2. Under the new operational arrangements, the existing mail offices have been classified into Level 1 (L-1) and Level 2 (L-2) mail offices. There would be 89 L-1 and 244 L-2 mail offices under the new set up. The list of L-1 and L-2 mail offices for First Class unregistered mail is given as Annexure I. The list of L-1 and L-2 mail offices for Registered mail is given as Annexure II. 3. The manner of closing of bags between mail offices (handling unregistered and registered mail) would be as follows:-

A journey of thousand Miles begins with one Step

The first meeting of Postmaster Cadre held on 05-02-2012 in the premises of Buckinghampeta HO was a success with as many as 30 postmasters from distant places like  Vizag, Srikakulam, Tirupati, Puttur, Hyderabad etc., have attended the meeting and participated in deliberations on various issues. The following have attended the meeting.
1.O.Venkateswararao, Gr-I, Tiruvuru SO 2.K.Srinivasa Rao,Gr-I, Parchuru SO 3.K.Nageswararao, Gr-I Jaggaiahpeta SO 4.G.Venkateswarlu, Gr-I, Mantralayam SO 5.M.Amala, Gr-I, Nandigama SO 6.K.Kiran Kumar Reddy, Gr-I, Madira SO 7.A.V.Krishnaiah, Gr-I, Vinjamur SO 8.G.Suryanarayana, Gr-I, Pamarru SO 9.Ch.Lenin Babu, Gr-I, Akiveedu SO 10.DSK Prasad, Gr-I, Vijayanagar Colony SO 11.K.Sudhakar, Gr-I, Chilakalapudi SO 12.B.Sudheer Babu, Gr-I. Jagannaickpur SO 13.U.Ramesh, Gr-I, A.K.Nagar SO 14.U.Ganapathi Rao, Gr-I, Vizianagaram City SO 15.D.Chandra Sekhar, Gr-I, S.Kota SO 16.G.Ganeswararao, Gr-I, Penugonda SO 17.P.R.V.Rao, Gr-I, Gandhigram SO 18.P.V.R. Narasimha…

Note to All members

Dear friends .Please note that there is change in the venue of the meeting . Previously it was declared as Vijayawada HO but now due to renovation works undertaken suddenly at Vijayawada Ho advised to change the place. Hence we have decided to change the place from Vijayawada HO to Buckinghampeta HO . Other details like time and date remain same. 

Place : Buckinghampeta HO
Date: 05-02-2012
Time: 02PM to 05PM

DoP applied for RBI licence

NEW DELHI, FEB. 1:  The Postal Department has applied to the Reserve Bank of India for a banking licence, the Communications Minister, Mr Kapil Sibal, said here on Wednesday. Mr Sibal said he had written to the Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, to expedite the granting of licence. Speaking on the sidelines of the postal policy round table organised by FICCI, Mr Sibal said, “A national postal policy targeting expansion and modernisation of the postal network would be announced during this year. The Government does not intend to issue licences to courier service companies, but would make it mandatory for them to register.” Aimed at modernising postal services, the policy is expected to make the department adopt a more financially viable revenue model. It would also provide affordable services at all points in the country as part of its Universal Service Obligation, the Minister said. The Department is also expecting large-scale private sector participation in providing value added …