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Minimum wage & Pay fixation forumala for 7th CPC worked out


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Duties and additional duties of Postman----for information of all supervisory cadre

  DG(P) No.11-1/2010-Admn dated 18-11-2010 NO.25-20/2008-PE-I Government of India Ministry of Communications & IT Department of Posts (Establishment Division)                                                                                                        Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg                                                                                          New Delhi                                                                                                       Dated 25.11.2008   TO              All Heads of Circles/Regions,   Subject: Additional duties for Postman/Delivery Staff.                                       On account of changes in work scenario of the Post offices brought about due to the induction of technology and primacy of business products, the duties and responsibilities of the postman have undergone a vast change. In order to incorporate these changes, the following duties are prescribed in addition to t

Copy of CAT case filed by Postmaster Grade1,before Hon'ble CAT bench, Jodhpur

IN THE CENTRAL ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNAL JODHPUR   BENCH AT   JODHPUR   ORIGINAL APPLICATION NUMBER / 2011   Amarjeet Singh Gills on of Shri Jaswant Singh Gill, aged about 27 years, resident of House No. 6, 2 nd   Block, Near Patwar Training School, Purani Abadi, Sriganganagar, at present employed on the post of Postmaster Grade-I, Hanumangarh Town Post Office, Hanumangarh. Applicant VERSUS 1.   Union   of   India   through Secretary to the Govt of   India ,   Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications & IT Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001. 2. Director General, Posts & Chairman, Postal Services Board, Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001. 3. Chief Post Master General, Rajasthan Circle , Jaipur-302007. 4. Post master General, Rajasthan Western Region, Jodhpur . 5. Superintendent of Post offices, Sriganganagar Division, Distt. Sriganganagar. Respondents DETAILS OF
GRANT OF TA & TRANSIT (TA & TP) TO OFFICIALS TRANSFERRED ON COMPLETION OF TENURE TO THE PLACE OF THEIR CHOICE . A proposal on grant TA and transit to officials who are transferred on completion of tenure to the place of their choice was under consideration in this Directorate for sometime past.      SR-114 governs TA on transfer distinguishes between transfer for public convenience and transfer on own request.  Although transfer on completion of tenure in one office has not been specifically referred to in this rule, yet the transfer on completion of tenure is a transfer for public convenience.  On completion of tenure, the official has to be transferred out for operational reasons.  Therefore, such a transfer is mandatory, while posting to a place of choice is secondary and subject to public convenience.  In view of this posting to a place of choice after completion of full tenure may not be normally termed as a "transfer on own request" under SR-114.      It